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With us, you are safe from day one. Ongoing training and further education measures ensure that our employees are always up to date. As a customer and partner, you can be assured that your concerns are in the best of hands with us.


Just get in touch with us and arrange your individual appointment.

The Situation:

You have . . .

A great product?

Requests here and there from Europe?

No idea about international shipping?

No time to deal with customs?
No clue about the EU market?

You are . . . 
Worried about warranty?

Worried about how you can provide service in EU?

Worried about laws and rules in Europe?

But you would love to have your goods on the EU market?


Do you see yourself in here? 


What about if you would like to have . . . 


Someone who has over 20 years of experience in international business?

Someone who specializes in 4WD parts?

Someone who offers full-service solutions?

Someone with a domestic US shipping address?

Someone who picks up your goods?

Someone who offers your customers great service in Europe?

Someone who takes care of all your shipping needs? 

Someone who deals with shipping companies?

Someone who takes care of customs and related paperwork?

Someone who can promote your goods in Europe?

Someone who is known for fast and reliable service? 



Sounds good?  Don't wait! Contact us! 

Long story short! Our services include:

  • Import & export
  • Large EU dealer network
  • US based office & warehouse
  • More than 20 years of experience 
  • Freight pick-up 
  • Possible TÜV certification
  • Over 60 TÜV certificates for US parts issued
  • Freight consolidating
  • EU warehouse
  • Daily express shipping to Europe
  • Custom shop and garage in Germany
  • Well educated professionals
  • Over 50 tons exported to EU per year
  • Over 12 containers of sea freight per year
  • Over 100 US manufactures 



What can we do for you? Call us to find out!

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