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Pedalbox Jeep Renegade


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Improve your throttle response instantly!

Tweak the reactivity of your acceleration pedal!
Want to accelerate without putting the pedal to the metal? The best throttle controller on the market boosts your car instantly. It is simply inserted between the accelerator pedal and the OE wiring harness. However, it does not change any vehicle settings. There is also NO OBD port needed, all existing programs remain untouched.

4 programs to optimize the accelerator pedal characteristics.
More than 20 individual settings.
A convenient memory function saves the last setting.

How does the Pedalbox work?
More fun with the perfect setting.

The illustrated performance curve shows the speed with which the car reacts to the corresponding throttle input. This fabulous tool does not change the engine power itself but rather the time the engine takes to release its power.
Dynamite does come in small packages!
Feel a radical boost, even in the “City” mode (green). The “Sport” mode (orange) and the “Sport Plus” mode (red) offers even more powerful instant acceleration than the “City” mode.
The blue line indicates the standard reactivity of the throttle determined by the manufacturer. It can also be used by simply turning the Pedalbox to “OFF”.


Make a Road Test!
We invite you to drop by, have the Pedalbox installed in your Jeep in a breeze, and you’re ready to hit the road and test it thoroughly for free. You’ll like it – you’ll keep it!
Just pick up your phone and make an appointment. This Service is only available at some of our Dealers and our Shop in San Bernardino.
The Pedalbox fits on the Jeep Wrangler JK and the latest RAM Trucks.
It is also available for a huge range of European Import Cars like VW, BMW, Mercedes and other brands.



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