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the M715-Project

and the truths behind the scene! Step by Step we will introduce all involved parties, and we tell here the full story from its beginning since SEMA 2015.


We have an open Federal Lawsuite against Erich Thaler.
We have on open Federal Lawsuite against Predator Moulding.

all begans at SEMA 2015

The Idea

On SEMA 2015 in Las Vegas Josef Pauli, Patrick Schittko and Ulrich Veit hang out at the Mopar booth, in front of Mopars nice Surfer Kaiser rebuild. Here we talked about the build anywhere people asking why Mopar/Jeep is always making awesome builds like this but they will come at and sell it. We looked each other and joked around to do such a build. Patrick did some drawings on his SEMA Badge to show Josef and Ulrich what is in his mind.


Who is Erich Thaler?

A view days later we visit a friend named Erich Thaler at his place in Riverside / CA. Who is Erich Thaler? Erich Thaler is an Austrian guy who moved over to the US a view years ago to business. He is the founder of his company called Thaler-Design. His designed product is named Action-Camper which is a camper shelf for a Jeep JK and also the ActionTruck which is a pickup conversion kit for the Jeep JK, too. We know him since around 2010 as he steps into our headquarter in Munich (Germany) and introduced his camper and asked for a free suspension to promote his vehicle.  He and his beautiful wife handle the company which is or was registred in Las Vegas. His company adress in Vegas is just a mail forwarder service. We figured out that Erich Thaler works as kind of freelancer for a company named “Predator Moulded Products” which is producing his Action-Camper and also his ActionTruck kit.


Who is Predator Moulded Products?

Predator Moulded Products is a company located in Riverside/CA and is owned or controlled by Steve and Lin Austin. This company is producing fiberglass parts like stuff for boats, hardtops, hoods and others. Steve Austin is the guy who makes some comments below different Instagram posts under his name “steveaustin01“. He comments that his company produces the M7 Kit and he also claims the Bawarrion’s does not pay his bills what is amusing because we never had a deal with him or his company. We never hired this company or assigned them to something.
Thaler-Design assigned him to produce the mouldings and also the first samples of our M7 kit which we showed on SEMA 2016, and of course it’s right this company provides the fiberglass front which you can see on some vehicles around the States (Teraflex, Tyler Ruby and others)


What is Bawarrion?

Bawarrion is just a brand. This brand was founded by a German company named ORZ GmbH & CO. KG 2013. Bawarrion is a high-quality brand which carries aluminum wheels, wheels spacer, towing hitches, Suspension parts like the pedestrian cover to run AEV’s Front Bumpers Street legal in Europe.


Who is ORZ GmbH & CO. KG?

“ORZ” was founded 1996 by Patrick Schittko in Germany and does stuff only around the brand Jeep and Ram Trucks. Jeep is the biggest part. ORZ was the first company which makes Rubicon Express Suspensions and ProComp Alloy Wheels street legal (TÜV) in 2008. ORZ also makes all AEV parts street legal in Europe and invented Bawarrion’s Pedestrian Cover to run AEV’s Front Bumper street legal in Europe. ORZ also makes the TUV certificates to run Thaler-Design’s Action-Truck street legal in Europe and ORZ is the only company which has a certificate to run AEV Components legal in Switzerland. ORZ does a lot of stuff with wholesaling and import and is the exclusivity importer for some different US companies like AEV, Spiderwebshade, TNT and others.


after SEMA 2015

After the SEMA 2015 Patrick, Josef and Ulrich visit Erich Thaler in Colton CA. They hung out together and had a great BBQ. During the evening they talked about the show and the opportunity for ORZ in the USA. Patrick thinks loud about that beautiful blue Kaise related front on the Jk at the Mopar booth, and how cool it is to have this thing as a product for sale. Patrick and Ulrich have some ideas for changes on the Front to make it affordable and accessible to bold on and also to get it steet approved in Europe. Her made Patrick the first drawings on the back of his SEMA Badge. Patrick, Josef, and Ulrich thinking around who can do the CAD drawings which is needed for the most Manufactures to make an offer for production. Here now comes Erich Thaler from Thalerdesign into the Game which offers to do the CAD Job. Patrick knows his work from form Erichs Action-Truck, and so Patrick asks Erich for an estimate and a Timeframe. Erich Thaler promised to think about and let us see the Pricing and delivery time for the CAD Files within the next Days. Patrick said it would be great to have a sample ready on Easter Jeep Safari 2016; remaining time was around 4,5 months.


Contract Signing

Till the SMEA Show is running Erich Thaler force us to sign the contract he wrote. Remeber this for later Erich Thaler wrote the contract with all the rules by himself. We agreed on all to go into serial production.



We had a huge succsess at SEMA 2016! The Bawarrion Jeep was one of the most spotted Jeep and also one of SEMA TOP 10 Jeeps!


Back in California

Back in California, we meet with Erich Thaler, and we stored the JK at Predators Warehouse in Riverside! At the same time, we stored all our products her also in a separate area. We left at good minds. A view days later after Patrick has left the states, Ulrich would get some of the stored parts, and he also wants to get the Jeep for Service. The employers at Predator was now very rough and refuses access to Bawarrions parts and also to the car. From a distance, we could see the front was uninstalled. After some hours and calls, it comes to meeting at Predators Office in Riverside between Erich Thaler,  Lin, and Steve Austin. Erich tells the store we didn’t pay him. Lin Austin is also asking about the money for the Action Trucks we bought a view month earlier. We showed him the contract between Thaler and us which says after he delivered he get the cash. We also showed the copy of the wiring Transfer for 12 grand we paid to Erich Tahler for the Action Trucks. Erich Thaler never paid Predator, but this is our Beer!


As was suspected in the meantime, the front are dismantled. Since Thaler had no keys to the Jeep, the door hinged were simply unscrewed. The doors bent to open which were both doors are bent and scratched. As fast as we can we removed all all our property and moved into our new Warehouse in San Bernardino.

  • Basic Vehicle

  • well known Vehicle.

  • Preparation for the first Fittment

  • Fenders first time install.

The ORZ GmbH & Co. KG in Germany holds the US Trademarks and the Copyrights. Nobody else! Here you can download the Files, Mails and Statement we talked in the history above. If somebody tells you the opposite so ask them for the Files and the Documentations about it or check the US Patent Agency.


Below you can Download all Files!

ContractPatent File

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